Tony Pitman

My name is Tony Pitman. I have been married to Sharlene Pitman for 27 incredible years.

Tony Pitman Sharlene

I am the father of 6 children ranging in ages from 12 to 23 and have one Grandson who is 1 year old.


My 2 oldest daughters are married to great men.


I am a software engineer by trade. Shatalmic, LLC is my consulting company. I have a full time job at PowerTeq in Ogden, Utah.

I have been living in Pleasant View City, Utah for 9 years now and have loved every moment.

You probably ended up at this page because it is listed on the Utah election web site as my page. For this reason most of this page talks about my political opinions.

I have been very conservative my entire life. I believe in self reliance and personal responsibility.

If you want to know my political platform you need look no further than the Republican Party of the State of Utah's platform (PDF File link).

I also believe in representative government. We can't all be at the city office every time a decision needs to be made. We need to find people who represent us and would do what we would do if we were there.

As a city council member I listen to those I serve. I do research and find out what people want done. More than that, however, I believe I am like most of the residents in Pleasant View and want the same things you do. This means that when you are not around to tell me what you want I will probably do what you want anyway because I believe like you do.

My goals and desires for Pleasant View City are to keep it the relaxed and enjoyable place that it is. We need to grow, but we don't have to grow fast. We need to bring in commercial and retail businesses, but not at the expense of crowding.

We have some important challenges ahead of us.
  • Water will always be an issue as we grow.
    • Currently we have wells that provide clean, clear, good tasting water. It is not known at this time whether we will be able to drill any more wells in the future.
    • We could connect to weber basis water, but I am concerned about what that will do to the quality of our water. I would prefer to find ways to enhance the wells that we already have and explore ways to find and drill additional wells. That may be expensive, but I believe it will be worth it. I hope that the residents of Pleasant View agree with me. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity and think that if given the choice we are willing to pay extra to get it.
  • Open space.
    • One of the great things about Pleasant View is the rural nature of it. It feels like living out in the country and yet we are close to everything we need for shopping and entertainment.
    • Our open space will be developed. What it becomes is up to both the land owners and the residents of the city. I believe in property rights. At the same time we can't just build whatever, where ever. Zoning exists so that we don't end up with schools next to prisons and houses next to airports. As we grow we need to balance how much of our space is built for residential versus commercial and retail. If all we have is residential we won't be able to maintain our roads, water and sewer.
    • Parks cost a lot of money, but they are a fantastic part of the rural feel of our city. We need to find innovative ways to build and maintain parks and recreation locations through-out the city.
  • Roads.
    • Roads are one of the basic services that any city provides to its citizens. We must maintain our roads and that costs money. We need to find ways to encourage quality businesses to come to Pleasant View to provide sales tax and other types of income to pay for our services.
I served on the Pleasant View Planning Commission for 1 and a half years. When Mel Marker was called on a mission for the LDS church, I decided to apply for his seat on the City Council. I was elected by the city council to the position in April 2015 and have enjoyed every moment of it.

I am looking forward to continued service to the residents of the city for the next 7 months.

I put my name in the running for the 2016 election to the Pleasant View City Council. I hope that the residents will want to keep me around on the city council.

If you believe in limited government and conservative values and will be voting in the city election I ask that you vote for me.

Together we can keep and make Pleasant View the wonderful place it is today.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me any time.

You can reach me at or 801-668-8882