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I use this company as my Facebook presence for running ads for politics. I have a facebook page called Tony Pitman for Pleasant View. This is were I live. I am active in politics. I do not make any money from my political activities. I do it because I believe in smaller government and less regulation. I want to try to help like minded individuals get elected to office.

SpeedQuest in Space for Android released!

SpeedQuest in Space for iOS released!

You can also play SpeedQuest for free on this web page...just click here.

I have just added a new game called Just Slaughter Zombies. I am in the process of releasing it for Android. If you want to play it on the web right now just click here.

Shatalmic has just released its first Unity 3D Asset. It is a plug in for iOS to do Bluetooth Low Energy operations. You can see it on the Unity asset store here.

Shatalmic, LLC has been providing innovative and exciting computer solutions for over 25 years.


Here is a list of some of the projects we have worked on over the years:


Shatalmic, LLC has the resources to develop any type of computer solution

With over 25 years experience on every type of OS and Platform, our developers have the experience to get the job done!

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