Tony Pitman's Bio

Business Owner, Technology Junky, Life Long Scouter, City Planning Commissioner, Father and Husband; Tony Pitman started tinkering with computing devices at the age of 11 in 1977. He wrote his first commercial application at the age of 15. When the contact lens company owner paid him the hundred dollars, Tony commented: "You mean I get paid too?". This comment came from the fact that writing the application was such fun all by itself.

From that early age Tony knew what he would be doing for the rest of his life and so far it has come true. He has spent his technology career working on all types of devices and computer systems from deeply embedded devices all the way to world spanning mainframe computers. For Tony technology is not just a job, it is a passion and way of life.

Tony has worked in many different industries bringing technology to each one. When many technologist get stuck in certain types of technology or get left behind as things move forward, Tony keeps up with new methods, processes and innovations.

Tony wrote several samples projects for Microsoft for their .NET Micro Framework including a weather station demo. This project was showcased at several Microsoft attended computer events for developers as an example of how to use the framework for real world projects.

He was involved in the very beginning of the popular Swype, soft input keyboard that has revolutionized the way we enter text into mobile devices. Having written the very first prototype for Swype that paved the way for it to become the technology that is embedded in most Android devices and is now available for Windows Phone, Tony opened the door to this exciting technology.

One of Tony's passions is gaming. He wishes he had more time to spend playing games, but truthfully he loves to write them even more than play them. He has published 9 xBox 360 games, 3 Android and iOS games and 2 Windows Store / Phone games. He has also created a successful Bluetooth library asset for the Unity 3D asset store.

He has also owned a successful computer consulting company, Shatalmic LLC. This company has branched out into several different markets. it has allowed him to pursue his passion of utilizing computers and all they can accomplish in many different industries. These include finance, health care, DVD playback equipment and many others.

Many of these consulting jobs have turned into full time employment as the companies he consulted with saw the great value in Tony's skills. Working for Madentec, Tony help pioneer devices to help those who could not speak for themselves to speak through an iPad like device before the iPad was even around.

Working for Edge Products and Powerteq allowed Tony's skills to bring modern development processes and technologies to the automotive industry.

Now Tony is bringing his skills to Map It Track It. He took the working demo iOS application from the prototype stage to full production. He is also making great enhancements to the web server and database storage infrastructure to make it a world class data gathering powerhouse.