Arch Linux on RPi

I wanted to give Arch Linux a try on an RPi 3.

I started by following the Arch Linux wiki page for this here.

I ran into a couple issues. The first is that bsdtar errors out. I solved this by just using tar. It also gave some errors about bad attributes, but seems to have done the job.

The second problem was when I tried to update the system. It kept giving errors about the PGP signatures being wrong. I solved this by following these commands right after booting Arch Linux on the RPi for the first time:

pacman-key --init pacman-key --populate archlinuxarm Pacman -Syyu

I wonder why they don't include this in the arch linux wiki page. Probably because it is somewhere else or they just expect you to know this kind of stuff about arch linux. Being a debian guy I had no idea.

Another thing I had to deal with was when doing some of the mkfs and mount / umount commands I had to use sudo or they wouldn't work. I was running this from a basic Mint linux VM on my mac.

I hope this helps someone else get Arch Linux running on RPi themselves.