Radio Control Components

I recently got back into the hobby of Radio Controlled flight. I have been flying R/C planes for about a year now (not including 20 years ago when I used to fly gas).

This last summer I bought an E-Flite Blade CP helicopter. After flying it for a little while I realized that I wanted to put a brushless motor on it. I quickly discovered that I had to purchase a new radio, receiver, motor, ESC, etc.

I asked a electronics guru friend of mine from work whether it would be possible to convert the signals from the 4 in 1 Blade controller to the input of a brushless ESC. We took a look at it and he said yes.

That was the beginning of the development of the Brushed2Less. This little goody can be used on virtually any proprietary R/C system that outputs a brushed signal. You connect one end of the Brushed2Less to the brushed signal and the other end to the brushless ESC and instantly convert your Blade CP / Aerostar / Striker / etc. to a brushless setup.

No more having to purchase a whole new radio, receiver, servos, etc. Just buy the important stuff for the brushless part along with this amazing little board and you are their.

This converter will work with virtually any system that outputs a standard brushed motor signal. This includes popular proprietary planes like the Striker F27 and the whole Aero Bird series. This can save you tons of money on new transmitters, receivers and even servos like in the Striker. Just plug the Brushed2Less into the output of where your current brushed motor goes and the input of the new Brushless ESC you buy.

You still need to get a brushless ESC and brushless motor. This converter simply converts the signals and saves you the money of the items mentioned above.

Technical Specifications:

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